Tips For Prolonging the Life of Your Transmission:

  • Regularly inspect the fluids of your transmission. In order to properly check those fluids, refer to your Owner’s Manual. If the fluids are low or an incorrect color, have them looked at by a certified transmission mechanic.
  • If you are driving under high-stress conditions, be sure to change the transmission fluid more often. Some high-stress conditions might include driving frequently in stop and go traffic, driving in a terrain that is hilly, driving during excessively hot weather, or driving when towing or hauling trailers or heavy loads.
  • If you do tow or haul trailers or heavy loads, be aware that this can cause an excessive amount of heat to build up in your transmission. This heat causes transmission fluid to either be damaged or to be lost, or perhaps a little of both. Therefore, immediately after towing a load, check your transmission fluid as soon as possible, and no later than by the next time you fill up for gasoline.
  • Consider having an external cooler installed, especially if you frequently drive in high-stress conditions. The external cooler helps to reduce friction and heat, thereby prolonging the life of your transmission.
  • Keep your engine tuned properly. If an engine is not running properly, it can exhibit symptoms similar to a malfunctioning transmission.
  • At least two times a year, take your vehicle to be checked for leaks.
  • When the vehicle is in park mode, use your parking brake.
  • Allow your car time to warm up before you drive it.

If you notice any signs that your transmission may not be running properly, do not try to play mechanic. Bring your transmission to the professionals at The Transmission Shop in Garland, Lewisville, Plano, or McKinney to be checked, and bring it as soon as possible. It is a proven fact that your repair bills tend to increase in proportion to the amount of miles you continue to drive the car after the first symptoms of trouble. This only makes sense, because the longer you push your malfunctioning transmission, the more damage will occur, and the more money it will cost you out of pocket to repair or replace the transmission. What would have been a simple repair job, or maybe even just a fluid replacement job, could end up being an entire transmission replacement if you ignore the problem.

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